Moving on

Moving on

We finished our time at Colegio Maria Alvarado - Lima High School on Wednesday. Several of the guys had an opportunity to speak some time during the week. Nate Trudeau gave the devotional Tuesday morning to the Seniors on leaving an eternal legacy, encouraging them to think about what they're doing now and the effects on future generations. Wednesday morning, the high school had their chapel time. We sang "Bind Us Together" and "Alleluia" with the students. Cody gave a message entitled "Why Me?" encouraging the students to allow the Lord to use them in whatever He desires. Gavin talked about PCC and told them information about possibly attending in the future as college students. We thoroughly enjoyed teaching the students at the school, and we successfully shared the Gospel with them. At the end of the day, they threw us a "thank you" assembly, and gave us each a bag as a gift. Overall, the first school was a success, and we pray that the seeds we planted in their lives will grow and that their English-speaking skills will continue to improve.

Thursday and Friday, we taught 10- and 11-year-olds at Colegio San Andres. The first day was a new challenge to us. Working with younger children, we had a different perspective and a new goal, as the students knew less English than the previous students. On Thursday, Garrett gave the chapel message on Samson, translated by Daniel, encouraging the students to stay close to the Lord and not stray from Him. On Friday, Daniel gave a devotional on David and Goliath, encouraging the students to trust in the Lord to give them strength. Rather than simply teaching the English language, our purpose is to make a difference in the students' lives. We talk to them in English, getting to know them personally. When we get on the same level as them and try to learn more about them, they appreciate more what we're doing. We want to show them Jesus' love and care. Our goal is to make an eternal difference in each student's life.

Thursday night, Dr. Stelzer finished teaching his seminary module at Primera Iglesia Bautista del Salvador. He continued his teaching in soteriology and anthropology. The students had a high interest and concluded with some very thought-provoking questions. Mr. Panecatl translated for him on Wednesday night, as the team sang at Iglesia Bautista Cristo te Ama, "Be Thou My Vision" and "Amazing Grace" in Spanish. The girls played piano for the preludes and helped out in the nurseries during the services. Several of the students have given their testimonies in the churches throughout the week as well.

Continue to pray for us as we prepare for our second week of teaching. Also continue to pray that we stay healthy and strong for the weeks ahead.

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