Team Peru

Team Peru

PERU TEAM 2014 UPDATE 5/31/2014

We have completed our first week of work in Lima, Peru. The team is doing well and enjoying their time working with Peruvian students. Teaching English using the A Beka ESL program works great. During the evenings, the team have been ministering at several churches with great results. Please continue praying for us. We still have a lot of work to do.


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2013 Peru Team with Mr. and Mrs. Alberto Romani



The team was led by Dr. Carlos A. Alvarez and his wife. Teaching English intensively was the primary activity of the team but not the only one. For instance, several of the student volunteers are proficient in music, therefore they were ready to provide intensive music training to the students of the schools and also to the members of the church.  Some of the members of the team were able to teach Sunday School and also preach in several evangelistic activities directed towards young people.


This was a faith based mission that the Lord will use to stretch and grow his servants. Because of your tax-deductible contribution you were a large part of this mission trip ? This was a great opportunity to get some tax relief or even a larger refund while supporting Christian education in Peru. Education without a spiritual component has produced tragic results in this country and in many countries of the world.  We thank you for participating by contributing to the "General Fund" of our team.   God bless you!