Our Team

Our Team

We are looking for team members who are willing to spend time with high school seniors and juniors, helping them polish their English pronunciation, and sharing the good news of the Gospel as well. For three weeks, we will work with 5 native Christian schools. In Latin America, Christian schools have open enrollment policies and more than 60% of the students are not Bible-believing Christians. We have also found that this is the same for about one half of their teachers. This is a great mission field!

Team members do not have to be proficient in Spanish. However, because of the daily interaction with Peruvian students and church members, you will be surprised to see how much Spanish you will learn by the end of the trip. Peruvian people are very friendly, particularly to Americans and you will experience great fellowship there.

You will also see and experience fellowship with a dynamic and growing Peruvian church. The Holy Spirit is working among Peruvians and you will be a witness to that.

Join our 2018 team!