Monthly Archives: May 2015

Moving on

We finished our time at Colegio Maria Alvarado - Lima High School on Wednesday. Several of the guys had an opportunity to speak some time during the week. Nate Trudeau gave the devotional Tuesday morning to the Seniors on leaving an eternal legacy, encouraging them to think about what they're doing now and the effects on future generations. Wednesday morning, the high school had their chapel time. We sang "Bind Us Together" and "Alleluia" with the students. Cody gave a message entitled "Why Me?" encouraging the students to allow the...
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Great First Day at School

Today was our first day in our first school. The Lord definitely blessed with a good group of students--72 seniors in high school--who were easy and fun to teach and work with. We taught at Lima High School/Colegio Maria Alvarado, which was established over 100 years ago. The principal approached our team at the end of the day and said it has been many decades since a team had interacted in such a positive way with their students. We had a devotional in the morning and plan to continue sharing the gospel with the students throughout the week. We learned...
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Safe Arrival

Thank you all for your prayers thus far. We have successfully arrived in Lima, Peru late Saturday night. We started our first ministry this morning in church. The group sang and Dr. Stelzer preached. We are looking forward to the Lord using us! We appreciate your prayers.DSC_0001...
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Praise The Lord!

The Lord has provided financially for each of our team members, and we are ready to be used of Him to minister to people in Peru. Using the ESL (English Second Language) program in four different Christian schools, we will have opportunities to present Bible truths and to display these truths through our lives. We will be part of many church and Bible conference services as well as counselors for a weekend camp retreat. Pray for us by name that we will be good ambassadors for the Lord Jesus Christ...
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