Destination: Lima , Peru
Dates: May 26–June 16,  2018 (3 weeks)
Leaders: Dr. Carlos Alvarez & Mr. Steven Kim
Cost: $1,900
Teams Members Needed:3

Acts 11:17 says that God has given all Christians the same gift that he gave to the first disciples.
When the apostles started their missionary endeavors they were shocked to discover that God had given the gentiles the Holy Spirit and that He "put no difference between us and them" (Acts 15:9). In today's world the goal of every missionary should be to train national leaders and then allow them to continue the work.

This is exactly what happened with the church we want to be of service this summer. An American missionary started this work 40 years ago and after about 10 years he put the nationals in charge and he moved on to a different mission field. The results? Fantastic!! The national team took over and today, 30 years later, Primera Iglesia Bautista Del Salvador is a self-sustaining church, with a large membership, and supporting national missionaries in several areas of Peru. Pastor Alejandro Barzola is a dynamic leader who is assisted by a dedicated and efficient pastoral staff.


You will have an opportunity to work with the leadership of this church and with Peruvian teachers in several Christian Schools. I asked one of the Peruvian pastors "what can I do for you while I am in the US? His answer surprised me. He did not ask for vehicles, projectors, computers, etc or any material thing. He told me without hesitation, We need training!

This is where you and I come in. We can help them with the English language. Help the teachers, provide training for them and also for the students. Every Peruvian student wants to be proficient in spoken English. What an opportunity for ministry!! I can even see ourselves helping them in other areas like science, speech, music, and any talent and expertise you may have.

Also, this will be a two-way road. Although you do not need to know Spanish to come with us, you will learn some Spanish just by spending time with students and teachers. You will also experience the love of the Peruvian brethren for us and you will see God using you for His glory.

Finally, Paul advised Timothy to train disciples "who shall be able to teach others also" ( II Tim 2:2). When you help in the training of a Peruvian teacher you will be multiplying your efforts because that teacher will be able to teach others what you taught him or her. What a blessing will be to see your work for the Lord multiplied many times as these teachers and church staff train and teach others.

The team is led by Mr. Steven Kim and Dr. Carlos Alvarez. Teaching English intensively will be the primary activity of the team but not the only one. For instance, several of the student volunteers are proficient in music, therefore they will be ready to provide intensive music training to the students of the schools and also to the members of the church.  Some of the members of the team will be teaching Sunday School and also preaching in several evangelistic activities directed towards young people.


This is a faith based mission that the Lord will use to stretch and grow his servants. Would you like to be a part of this mission with a tax-deductible contribution? This is a great opportunity to get some tax relief or even a larger refund while supporting Christian education in Peru. Education without a spiritual component has produced tragic results in this country and in many countries of the world.  We encourage you to participate by contributing to the "General Fund" of our team. God bless you!


Please pray for our team as we prepare for the missions trip.

  1. Pray that each team member continues to be a clean vessel so that he can be used for the Lord!
  2. Pray that each team member can raise the $1,900 in financial support needed to cover the cost of the trip.
  3. Pray for Pastor Barzola, his leadership team, and for Christian school principals.  Our presence in Peru will attract a lot of attention and create unusual ministry opportunities!
Please visit often to keep up with the team’s activities.  We will periodically post UPDATES so that you will continue to know how to pray.